For several years, All Saints Church had a statue housed in a small wooden niche in the northeast corner of the nave.

   In 1999 a new and larger statue, cast in Italy, was shipped to All Saints by The Guild Shop in Little Walsingham, England.  It was painted by the Canon Ruhlander and his wife and installed in a fitting shrine setting.  The statue was blessed by The Rt. Reverend Rommie Michael Starks on Candlemas, 2001 in memory of the late Bishop Joseph Phillip Deyman and Mrs. Lois Eberhardt.

   The shrine in Janesville is unique in that there is a frog pinned underneath the slipper of Our Lady.  In East Anglia, where the original shrine was located, the symbol of evil is that of a frog rather than a serpent.  Its presence as part of the statue symbolizes the stamping out of sin.

   Also notable are the posts on either side of the throne.  There are three rings on the left post and four on the right.  The seven rings are said to symbolize the seven sacraments.  The statue at the Slipper Chapel in Little Walsingham also has this feature, but the statue at the Anglican shrine does not.  

   Hail Mary full of grace

The Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou among women

And blessed is the Fruit of thy womb,