In 1978 the traditional faith and practice of the Episcopal Church was in transition.  The 1928 Book of Common Prayer was abandoned and the ordination of women common.  The faith and practice we so dearly loved ceased to exist within that church.

   Toward the end 0f 1978, twelve people met in a private home to discuss their options.  Jerry and Gay Bowles, who had met one of the original four bishops of what was to become the Anglican Catholic Church (see the Affirmation of St. Louis) were very enthused about this traditional branch of the Church.  That was all those in attendance needed, and All Saints Anglican Catholic Church was born.  Our first service, Evensong, was held in the Children's Chapel of St. Paul's school.  On December 16, 1978, our first Mass was also celebrated there by Fr. Tipton. 

    On January 9, 1979, our Articles of Incorporation were filed and a Church School established.  Twelve children attended that first class.  In February of 1979 we held our first annual meeting and elected to the Vestry Jerry Bowles (Senior Warden), Jim Robson (Junior Warden), Stan Nelson, John Ward, Richard Douglas, Marge Howard, Charles Roberts, John Mac Donald, Pamela Lowell, Russell Askew, Leon Drake, and George Lomax (treasurer).  In September, Bishop William O. Lewis confirmed the first class of Confirmans in a service held at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church.

   By the end of 1981, we had been meeting in the local Boy Scout Hall, and the weekly preparations necessary to worship there had become tiring.  In February of that year, the possibility of using the Seventh Day Adventist Church had been discussed and our first Mass in that building was celebrated on June 11.  A few months later, All Saints called Fr. Poling as its first Rector.

   On February 25, 1987 the Parish voted to purchase the building owned by the Seventh Day Adventists for $48,000.00. A refurbishing committee was formed to oversee the transformation of the building interior, making it suitable for Anglican Catholic worship.  The total cost of renovation was $58,839.99.   Extensive renovation of the church included the installation of the marble altar and tabernacle, statuary, a Corpus, vestments, linens, sacred vessels, and other items necessary for Anglican worship.  During this same time, St. Martha's Guild remodeled the kitchen at a cost of $9,062.00.

   In 1988, with the majority of the renovations completed, the building was consecrated by Bishop Joseph P. Deyman.  At the same time, Fr. Poling was appointed Dean of the Diocese, making All Saints the Pro Cathedral for the Diocese.  This would be a first for the city of Janesville.   Later that year, Fr. James Sanford came to All Saints to serve as curate to the Dean, and eventually as Priest-In-Charge when Fr. Poling was called to serve at St. Paul's Anglican Catholic Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

   After Fr. Poling's departure in January of 1989 the Parish called as their second Rector Fr. John Cotterell.  The following year, the Parish raised approximately $14,000.00 to renovate the steeple.  A cross, the first in 96 years, was placed on top of the steeple.  

   Beautification of the church continued in 1991 when the Parish received a gift of 14 Stations of the Cross.  On Christmas Eve, an organ fund was launched and by September of 1992, a three manual Rodgers organ had been purchased and installed.  The instrument was dedicated at a public concert given by Max Yount, Professor of Music at Beloit College.

   In June of 1994 Fr. Cotterell resigned and the Parish called Fr. Edward Ruhlander as its third Rector.  He began his tenure on August 1, 1994. 

   In 2000, a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham was constructed.  On Candlemas of the following year it was blessed by the Rt. Reverend Rommie Michael Starks.  In 2007 and altar was placed before the shrine.  A Pilgrimage to the shrine has been held in October every year since the shrine was established.

   In 2005 Canon Ruhlander retired as Rector and was succeeded by the Venerble Barry A. Lewis O/OSB.  The following year air conditioning was installed, and in 2007 a lift between the main floor and the undercroft was completed, making the entire building handicapped accessible.

   God has truly blessed this Parish.  We thank Him for this place, and for the people who have worshiped with us over many years.  "Blessed art thou, O Lord God of our fathers; * praised and exalted above all forever".