Our Lady of Walsingham

 Of all the Saints, the Queen is St. Mary, Mother of God.  The Gospel according to St. Luke is quite clear; Our Lady, as we call her, is of all women the most blessed.  She, above all people, is most favored by God who chose her to be the mother of His only begotten Son, Jesus.

   Just as Our Lady is the Saint most highly honored by God, so it is right and fitting that she should be the most highly honored by Christ's Church.  We are told, if not commanded in Luke 1:48 that "all generations shall call me blessed".

   Shrines can be found all over the world where Christians come to pray.  They are sites of concentrated prayer; places of peace, sanctity, and healing.  We go there to pray, to celebrate, to receive answers to questions, to find tranquility in a world full of tension and strife.  We invite you to read the story of Our Lady of Walsingham, and visit the Shrines established in Anglican Catholic Churches throughout the United States.