The Anglican Catholic Church Welcomes You

We think church should be the most vibrant and fulfilling place on earth! Church is not a building… it’s a celebrating community...a people who see the beauty and wonder of the purposes of God coming to life in each heart and are destined for something great. And we are reminded of the dreams we carry in our heart. Each of us carries purpose in our heart. Design, Dreams, and Destiny are interwoven to express the mystery of who we are to a world that awaits the one life we are meant to be. Most simply stated, faith is a walk with the One who knows us and loves us like no other, and calls us to that great adventure for which we were created. And sometimes something special happens. Those walking in faith gather into a community of faith like All Saints Church… were dreams are respected and nurtured, and where each person is a living treasure… a treasure just now coming to life!